Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mason jar soap - Fresh Picked

I went to visit my favorite Bath and Body Works store today and I must say, the store is looking lovely.  The transition phase overall look from Holiday to Spring was a bit rough looking.  The semi annual sales bins and tables start to look like a garage sale towards the end and I found myself not interested in rooting through the bins.  The walls were emptied and awaiting new product and it was Not a draw you in kind of feel.

Now the store seems alive with not only color but with products that you want to try.

I was excited in talking with the manager to find out the new items she knew about......especially the  Fresh Picked line is staying as part of the yearly product lines and the new products she was telling me about filled me with as much excitement as she had. 

For starters, I cannot wait to see the new mason jar soaps in the fresh picked line.

She was telling me about a lot of the new products coming in the next few weeks and as she was speaking I kept thinking, who would love that...and what gifts do I need in the next month...and where can I put more product in my house.

We spoke about the Italian candle line once more as she was the one who smelled each of the candles in Ohio last fall, and for how she describes them....I will be surprised if my list of names is not the release list. 

She got the rest of the rubberized scentportables out for me to see.....the few my local store manager didn't get for me last night and while they are adorable, I am still not sure of that big a price tag for them.  So far they are not included in any buy any get something free as the plastic scentportables are.  And at $7.50-8.50...that's a bit much without a refill in them.   I thought they were cute enough for a kids room drape tie backs...among other things.  I saw the black cat, a few paris themed, the daisy, the turtle and one other I forgot now.  Her store had other nylon gift bags with bird themes but I passed on those for now.

This store has a ton of 3 wick candles left 75% well as a tower full of candles in all last years scents for 8.00. I was surprised at the two different pricings of 3 wicks.  I did ask in there again about return and exchanging items and I was told it is like item for like item regardless of the age of the item.  Good to know someone is following company policy.

But they still didn't get in a full stock of the new spring themed candles and the "speculation" is 3 wicks sale is around the first week of February for the new floorset....even though both of my stores are doing it next Thursday.

Today, I grabbed some evergreen, and a flower shop....a bar of the new AT eucalyptus and spearmint soap, my elephant pocketbac holder (the only new one I didn't have)  and 5 daisy try me bottles of lotion.  This store also had someone come in and buy a hundred pieces of the new sweetheart try me.  Someone must really love that new line...or they plan on reselling them.  I suppose it's the latter.

Oh, and I have been using the new Fresh Picked Strawberry hand cream.  I love the initial strawberry scent of it when you first put in to your hands and your body temperature releases it.  I find not long after it changes and I smell the shea a bit.

My hands are soft, not greasy. And I like the fact that its not antibacterial.  I just wish the scent of the berries lasted longer.  It is a definite rebuy for me.

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